Authentic New Orleans Snoballs in New York

When people think of New Orleans as a food destination, immediately thoughts of decadent savory

dishes like gumbo,jambalaya, and red beans and rice come to mind.  And when it comes to dessert,
who can forget the old standbys like Bananas Foster and beignets?
However, as a native New Orleanian, my favorite local sweet treat since I was a little girl has always been the snoball, our version of shaved ice made with machines patented in New Orleans in the 1930s. Softer, more powdery than traditional snow cones and fluffier than Italian ice, snoballs pack in all the chilly, syrupy goodness that screams ‘summertime.’ Sweetface Snoballs offers classic NOLA flavors like Creme Soda, Sweet Lime, Nectar Cream, Pralines-n-Cream, and Dreamsicle, along with some experimental flavors and sugar-free options. For added decadence and a true New Orleans experience, snoballs are often topped with sweetened condensed milk.

When I moved to New York in 2015, I quickly realized that New York and New Orleans are inextricably linked—both are world-class cities renowned for their rich history, beauty, music, and

diverse culture. And, of course, both are also major food meccas. 

From my own personal experience as a transplant to New York, the connection to and fascination with

New Orleans is very real and alive in New York, which is why I chose to start my business here.  

I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and positive feedback I have received since

I launched Sweetface Snoballs in 2016, including being nominated for aVendy Award for Best Dessert.


                                                                  Sweetface Snoballs was borne out of my own personal

                                                                  nostalgia for my hometown and the foods of my past.

                                                                  I cannot think of a better place to have launched Sweetface

                                                                  Snoballs than New York City, and I am excited to share

                                                                  my favorite NOLA treat with my new home.


                                                                                                   Rebecca Duckert

                                      Founder/Owner/Authentic New Orleans Lady


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